April 2014


Military expenditure

The military expenditure of Saudi Arabia last year surpassed that of the United Kingdom and France. New SIPRI data.

April 2014

World Energy Data

Mapping Worlds presents World Data Energy, powered by Tellmaps.

The e-atlas offers an informative, visual digest of global energy statistics. An engaging resource for everyone looking for introduction level energy data.

March 2014


Death penalty

At least 778 people were executed in 2013, Amnesty International reports. Excluding China.

March 2014


Women in parliament

Out of the 45,671 seats in parliaments around the world (lower and upper houses combined), 21.2% are held by women. New IPU data.

March 2014


Asylum trends

Asylum applications in the industrialized countries increased with 28%. Germany ranks first as country of destination.

March 2014


Arms trade

Asian countries fuel the strong overall increase in arms trade. The continent and its surrounding waters are a dense geo-political landscape.

March 2014


Prison population

The cost of the war on drugs: almost 1 in 100 US adults is in prison.

March 2014


Viral hepatitis

Viral hepatitis is one of the greatest health threats, with chronic hepatitis B and C affecting over 500 million people. Presented by CEVHAP

November 2013


A new atlas to learn about world affairs

Many organizations rank countries to highlight a particular theme. The Global Slavery Index. The Open Data Index. The Happy Planet Index. Each index is a different way to look at the world. Mapping Worlds now offers www.indexviewer.com. A straightforward atlas to browse the various indices and learn about their goals.

Organizations are very welcome to add their index. Contact us to learn more about the presentation features.

September 2013

Statistics South-Africa

New website concept

Desmond Spruijt and Sweden-based developer Daniel Lapidus worked with the Statistician-General of South Africa to reinvigorate the website of Statistics South Africa. In just a couple of months a dedicated project team of StatsSA staff and developers created a new website and increased the role of vivid data communication in the organizations activities.

September 2013


Present your data rich topics

enables organizations to present data rich topics and to create their own, dedicated atlas. Tellmaps is built on a new concept, going beyond the dashboard. It gives overview and detailed data display in one, comprehensive view.

July 2013

Adaptation Fund

Mapping project data

The Adaptation Fund was established to finance projects and programmes in developing countries that are parties to the Kyoto Protocol and are particularly vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change. Over the past two years, the fund has dedicated more than US$ 180 million to increase climate resilience in 28 countries around the world. In partnership with the Global Environment Facility the Mapping Worlds map tool visualizes key data of these projects.

July 2013


Upgraded map tool

ReSAKSS-Africa, hosted by IFPRI, serves as a “one-stop shop” for high-quality analysis and knowledge products. It enables everyone involved in the agricultural sector to track progress and share lessons learned. The upgraded map tool allows a wealth of comparison between countries and groups as well as benchmarking country progress to the targets of the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP)

November 2012

Maps alive

South Africa's Census 2011

Statistics South Africa has released a suite of products to make the Census 2011 data available. Maps alive uses the World Data Atlas to present data and context for key topics.

October 2012

World Data Atlas

A new tool to present data driven topics

The World Data Atlas is now available. As an entirely new concept, organizations can use the Atlas to comprehensively present data and narrative.

September 2012

IAOS Conference

Presentation of the World Data Atlas

The theme of this years IAOS conference is Getting Our Messages Across – Strategies and Best Practices to Ensure the Use of Statistics in Decision Making. The World Data Atlas will be presented as part of the Statistical Literacy section.

July 2012


A first glimpse at the new World Data Atlas tool

We are proud to present UNAIDS as the very early adaptor of our new tool, the World Data Atlas. The Atlas will allow everyone to present data and narrative in an easy to use interface. Organizations can use the tool to create their own Atlas. The new AIDSInfo offers a first and great example. It shows maps on a range of subjects and combines these with the various charts and tables previously dispersed on the UNAIDS web site.

The World Data Atlas tool will be launched in full in September 2012.

July 2012

Silicon Angle

An interview with Desmond Spruijt, director of Mapping Worlds

Kathryn Buford of Silicon Angle asks Desmond about the potential of data visualization for social change.

July 2012

World Wildlife Fund

Data animation to present key findings

Clean energy technology, cleantech in short, is a booming industrial sector. The World Wildlife Fund Netherlands issued a report to measure how countries are faring. Mapping Worlds and designer Rogério Lira helped WWF to distil an engaging, data driven series of animations and charts, presented as a short video.


March 2012

SXSW Festival

Data Visualization for Social Change

Successfully illustrating vital data can help advocates maximize the impact of sound science in public debate and policy. But many nonprofits still struggle with effective information design and delivery. Desmond Spruijt (Mapping Worlds) and Lauren Carmin (Guttmacher Institute) lead a session at this years South By Southwest festival to bring together visualization experts with advocates working for social good.